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About Vimotech


Over 500 new companies are formed each year in the United States to develop and commercialize intellectual property generated by research conducted within American universities. Although each university has its own process and priorities when licensing technology to startup companies, common themes emerge. When universities have a set of incentives to encourage commercialization, research will lead to tangible innovation, resulting in direct economic growth, while achieving a greater return on  investment in fundamental research. In this framework, Vimotech, L.L.C was established for the commercialization of intellectual property derived from Dr. Olivares’ research at the National Institute for Aviation Research in Wichita State University.


Vimotech’s Approach:

In order to commercialize specific technology and intellectual property that has been developed by Dr. Olivares through his research at the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) in Wichita State University, Vimotech, L.L.C.  was founded  in 2013.

Vimotech (Virtual Modeling Technologies) was established for the purpose of commercializing specific virtual tools developed by Dr. Olivares – such as Virtual Bird Strike Testing Models – with the relevant intellectual property rights through a licensing agreement contract with Wichita State University. Vimotech specializes in product development of end-user agreement software packages for each of its virtual development tools. We also provide expertise in advanced areas of engineering, through the use of specialized and proprietary processes.

Our company is based in Wichita, Kansas, a unique location with a very high concentration of top-name general aviation aircraft manufacturers, suppliers and support infrastructure. Wichita is one of the world’s most important centers for the manufacture and design of aircraft, as well as design and manufacture of major structural aerospace components; hence our unmatched accessibility to state-of-the-art testing and manufacturing facilities.

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Vimotech in the News:

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